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Why am i experiencing traffic drop in search console.

Google just sometimes makes SEO complicated and annoying i get backlinks from site naturally i never bought any of my links, i pitch out to sites and get traffic organically till last week i started to see some declining in my search traffic from 4k plus daily to 3k and now it just reduces everyday and now 1,000 plus we did an on-site audit and found out that some content on our site was outdated and we worked towards all outdated content on our site waiting for at least 1 week to start seeing result but yet it still keeps coming down Can anyone help just a good understanding will be good.

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1 Answer

  1. Adeniyi Pilot
    Beginner Digital marketing, Expert, SEO professional

    I think Google just sometimes do things disregarded of your site reputation or trust. If you make any changes to your SEO techniques you have to give that site at least 3 weeks for google crawler to effect your modification.