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Frequently Asked Questions

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Becoming a member grants users access to PRO status, providing premium benefits that extend usage across select MSS Discuss services. By opting for premium membership, you'll enjoy exclusive privileges reserved for PRO users.
Regrettably, the acquisition of a verified badge is not facilitated through purchase; rather, it is an accolade earned based on merit. Attainment requires the demonstration of deserving qualifications, and our team will consistently monitor your account activities. Should you meet the criteria, the badge will be conferred upon you at an opportune time.
Certainly, you have the option to cancel your membership at any time, but it is a manual process. It's important to note that the approval of your cancellation request is not guaranteed. Our team will reach out to you to address the matter and work towards a resolution. If the situation merits a refund, it will be processed accordingly; otherwise, a mutually agreed-upon resolution will be sought in cases of disagreement.
Certainly, you have the flexibility to change your membership at any time. Upgrading your membership will move you to a higher plan with enhanced benefits. It is advisable to compare the memberships and their respective benefits before upgrading, ensuring that you select a plan that aligns with your preferences for greater advantages.
Certainly, upon acquiring a premium membership, you will be given a PRO badge prominently displayed at the top of your profile. This badge serves as a visible indicator to visitors that you have attained PRO (premium) membership status. Enjoy your visibility and recognition as a valued premium member. Congratulations!
No, membership grants you access to premium benefits on the platform, but it does not entitle you to misbehavior. If you violate our community guidelines, you will face penalties disregarded of your PRO status. The system has designated features for each membership plan, and any violation may result in a ban from the platform.
Certainly, with your PRO status, you retain the ability to earn rewards on the platform. You can utilize these points to enhance your capabilities, such as creating a group or deleting a question. The points serve as a means to expand your usage and further optimize your experience on the platform.