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Forum and rules guidelines

It is mandatory that you read the group rules, so you will be prepared on how to use the forum to avoid account limitation or termination.

All rules within these community guidelines align with our terms and conditions. User account actions may be governed by both these community guidelines and our terms and conditions. We strongly urge adherence to our terms and conditions.


Welcome to mss discuss, we want to connect the people who have knowledge to the people who need it, to bring together people with different perspectives so they can understand each other better, and to empower everyone to share their knowledge.

This is a community, you are now part of the Netizens 1.0, this means that you are almost about to experience a new way of building an audience composed of authority in your niche through question and answer. when you answer or ask a question appropriately you are building authority, the more you earn a badge you are exposed to more dreadlocks of opportunities, such as having the abilities to create Groups, Gain followers, get upvotes, and gain massive exposure.

What makes us Unique is that we are on a mission and together with you, we are heading towards attaining that mission, just as you have become a netizen, after verification of your email, you will be given 20 points, These points allow you to do the following.

Check out the following here

Some of these features may become limited when you exhaust your 20 points, you need to either earn more points to enable you to continue enjoying and exploring these features for free or purchase more points here by joining a membership circle (—) or earn points for free – Check this article on how you can earn points for free

The rules are as follows:
Break down rules.

L1. As a user you are only permitted to create one account, multiple accounts are not allowed we have different factors our system used to detect that, if we find out, all accounts associated with that user session will be deleted and further membership from the user will not be allowed.

L2. We encourage you to be certain when creating a username for your discuss account, immediately after an account is created you have only one time to assign a username for that account, and after that, you will no longer be able to change or edit your Discuss username.

L3. In time and in the future selling of discuss account is strongly prohibited we consider that a low-esteem offence and once we find out, the account will be deleted and all posts, followers or answers, and questions for that account will be deleted as well, also points and cash reward for that account will be deleted as well.

L4. Promotion of any kind is not allowed on discuss, we reserve the right to remove such posts, and if you furthermore on such activities we may delete your account or limit your account, actions to this vary depending on your overall user behaviours and promotion structure, either ways actions must be taken.

L5. Links within your answer, posts or questions that seem misleading or trigger phishing, malware or in a way that seems harmful to our discuss community will be taken down, further action will be taken as well.

L6. Every discuss member has his or her right to freedom, rules are just meant to keep your freedom in place. On discuss, if a user violates your right to freedom through object behaviour, content behaviour, gender behaviour, or racism, through any way such as question, answer or post, kindly report the user using the report option, while you do that give us some time to review the offence due action will be taken immediately.


L7. Excessive use of Capitalization, or special characters, or invalid sentence structure will be removed, we advise that you don’t make all your headings unnatural e.g. ( HOW TO DO SEO !!! ) This kind of question or post will be deleted if not changed.

L8. We reserve the right to move any post that is situated in the wrong category by you, to the appropriate forum, we strongly advise you to post your question or post to the appropriate forum because repeated moving of topics by our admins or moderators to correct your mistake will lead to account limitations if not suspension.

L9. Escalating one post across different categories is not allowed, such a post will be deleted and immediate suspension will be issued to you.

L10. We do not endorse any information slash instructions shared within this forum, all information or instruction shared within this forum should be used at your own risk, we will try at our very best to moderate and take due action to any posts/Questions that violate our community guidlines.

L(a)1. Questions and answers shared on this forum should not violate the rights of the next user.

L(a)2. Posting unsolicited links is not allowed in MSS discuss we consider this a first-class priority. Links that promote fraud, affiliate commission, Crypto investment, Bitcoin scam, or links that contain malware, phishing, or in a way that seems harmful to the community will be removed by our moderators, regardless of the link source or brand affiliation. If a user continues perpetrating such acts which our system considers spammy, will be banned and removed from the site immediately.

L(a)3. Posting of copyrighted material on MSS Discuss is strictly prohibited, any stock images or images you own no copyright license to, that you used within your answer or question/posts, should be attributed to the right source with an appropriate anchor text and link pointing to the source only.

L(a)4. Selling products or services through posts/comments/questions/answers that are deemed fraudulent to our community will be removed, in some cases our moderators reserve the right to ban the user or place a temporal flag on the user account that will limit some discuss features to them.

L(a)5. This is a free gender-oriented and racist free forum, content from users or activities that trigger racism, gender-based insults, strong use of insults or any other personal discrimination will be altered and will not be tolerated on MSS discuss. If this occurs user will be banned and may not be able to continue membership with us in any way.

L(a)6. Do not spam the forum, we have the right to limit you on activities you can conduct and not conduct, this can only be done when your activities seem unusual to the system workflows, We take moderation so seriously, and a single violation can trigger for ban.

L(a)7. Create a question that deserves an answer, A question we do not find competent for the community will be removed, and certain question that has little to no value to the discuss community will be removed we calculate this using different factors.

L(a)8. Sharing porn materials, videos, content, links or transacting illegally in this community is strongly prohibited.

L(a)9. Admins and moderators have the full right to delete, move posts, suspend or ban a user or flag a post that goes against our community guidelines.


L(a)10. As a discussed user, you are only allowed to share files, or images in this path, JPG, or PNG with time we will look forward to adding more media types including videos MP4.

L(b)1. Images you share on Discuss should not be irritating or contain sexual/drugs/abuse or in ways not appealing to the community such posts will be deleted and due action will be taken on your account.


L(b)2. Until you have attained a verified sign close to your account, all users will be assigned a badge in accordance with their web activities, admins have the right to change your badge to the following signs for warning or violation purposes:

L(b)3. Warning: If you suddenly see a change of badge on your account to a warning badge it simply means that the chances of your account getting deleted is very close. At this point, you can’t change the badge and you are going to keep seeing it for a while until you restrain from your irregular behaviour by default we reserve the right to continue further actions on your account or grant a pardon.

L(b)4. Red Flag: If you suddenly see that your badge is now changed by an admin to “Red Flag” it means that your account has been reported too many times and the admin is reviewing it, chances of pardon can’t be accepted after our final decision your account will be deleted (Termination) immediately.


Getting a Verified Badge

L(b)5. Getting a verified mark can’t be issued on demand or by any means at all, we gradually study your overall performance and web activities and if you are qualified for a check mark you will be verified, if not, a badge is issued to your account for every stage you have attained.

L(b)6. Beginner Badge: This badge is issued to you after you have successfully registered a discuss account, by default the system sees you as a newcomer, contributing more answers and helpful posts will help you reach a second stage badge for your account when more users keep upvoting your answers and liking your question.

L(b)7. GOLD Pro badge: This badge means that you have earned a second stage badge as a teacher, it a thumbs-up authority for you, starting from when the badge is been issued to you, your questions and answers will be valued due to the badge’s reputation.

L(b)8. I’m Best rated: This is a third stage badge, to earn this badge you must have contributed valuable answers to the community that have been rated as the best answer multiple times, Earning a best-rated badge means that your opinion is tested and more likely to yield positive result compare to other lower badges

L(b)9. Expert badge: means that you are now an authority figure in your niche, by this time we assume you would have gotten a lot of followers, upvotes and likes, from your audience, take advantage of your badge today, and continue the Good work

L(b)10. Professional badge: This badge is also an authority badge, it helps you gather potential validity and authority and gives you a stage to grow a list of potential audiences that have grown with you through all your badge accumulation and then confide in you. The badge gives you the control of a professional.

L(c)1. Leader: When you attain the final badge accumulation it means you have been recognised as a leader, with great potential at this point you are no longer a winner but a potential icon. for whatsoever you share is marked as a leader.


If you post a question and your question gets massive upvotes, by automation the question will be featured on our homepage which will drive you tons of followers that will follow your account on a day2day basis,

You have no limit to the amount of followers that can follow your account.
And you have total control of what you choose to do with your audience aka ( Followers ) for as long as your activity doesn’t violate our community guidelines

If your post gets too many down-votes it will panic for our attention, either from the moderators or admins, for whomsoever the query string was issued to, have the right if not full right to take action on your account.

If you post an article, once your article begins to gain attraction from users within our website, we will continue from there, our marketing department, will help you lift a hand by adding your article to our yearly campaign advertising network, which will expose your article to more and more audience.

Asking a Question

Mss Discuss is a social question-and-answer website focused on expanding ideas and elaboration through user-generated Questions and answers in real-time.

L(c)2. When you ask a question we have no control over what type of question you ask, but we are watching closely on which category you ask your question, ask a question that is related to the category for that question. Do not ask “What is SEO” in a category that concerns Content marketing, If we find a misleading article/post/answer in a section that doesn’t match the category, we will delete the whole post, or in other ways move it to the right section if it is not a repeated action.

This feature is still in progress and will be rolled out very soon.

When you ask a question you will see below your question, two options,

1. Bump your question,
2. Pay to feature your question.

Just as the context implies, if you wish to get your question featured on either the answer page or homepage of Mss discuss, we put that under a premium service, Kindly note that you don’t have to pay if your content doesn’t meet our community guidelines, Payment will not be refunded and your article will be removed from the homepage, in addition, we may limit the activities you can conduct on Mss Discuss till further notice.

If you wish to Bump a question here is what it means, firstly some questions quickly disappear from the homepage due to irregular activities not occurring on the questions, so for this reason by default the post leaves the home page to the next page, apparently, you can Bump the question back to the front page with your credit that you have earned or possibly purchase credit to bump up your question

Referral Rules

In the event of system abuse, users risk being banned, irrespective of the accrued points. The system was designed to reward passion rather than solely focusing on monetary gains. The following violations may result in a ban:

1. Answering all questions at once:

Attempting to answer questions from various categories simultaneously in pursuit of earning rewards may render the answers irrelevant to our community. To mitigate this, our system imposes a limit on the number of questions a user can answer daily. This limit is contingent upon membership level and user activity, with certain users granted higher privileges.

2. Referral manipulation:

Users are advised against creating multiple accounts to artificially boost referrals. Our system employs algorithms and manual reviews to detect such activities, and engaging in such behaviour may result in an immediate ban, even on payout request days.

3. Multiple accounts for point manipulation:

Creating multiple accounts to inflate question counts or answer scores is strictly prohibited. The system inherently prevents such actions, and attempting them may trigger a ban.

4. Irregular activities:

Engaging in activities such as generating artificial upvotes or mass following users for the sole purpose of earning points is considered irregular and may lead to an account suspension or ban if detected by our system.

5. Rule adherence:

This set of rules is not merely a guideline but a requirement that users must adhere to. Violation of these rules grants administrators and moderators the authority to ban users from the platform.