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How to get started on mss discuss

Thank you for becoming a part of our platform dedicated to real-time engagement in discussions about technology and marketing. Your contributions, including asking questions, posting, commenting, and answering, are highly valued. We appreciate your expertise, and in return, we provide compensation for sharing your knowledge. Your active involvement enriches our community, promoting understanding and learning. Welcome aboard!

Our minimum payment threshold is 10$ and we pay to Nigeria’s bank account directly, also we pay through Payoneer and PayPal for international members.

Are you a digital marketing expert? Help us share your knowledge with our vibrant community while you earn a reward for sharing. Learn more

All our payment styles on the website are in (Points) This means that what you will be paid through on our website is in Points which is convertible to cash when you are ready to withdraw. A list of what we pay for is as follows:

We pay for referral (5 points) Terms and conditions apply
We pay when you ask a question (2 points)
We pay when you answer other people’s questions. (2point)
We pay when you upvote someone’s question or answer (1 point)
We pay when you downvote someone else question or answer. (1 point)
We pay when your answer is marked by other members as the best answer. (5 point)
We reward you when your question gets plenty of votes. (Up to 10 points)
We pay when you follow a user account (1 point)
We pay when you fill in all your profile Biography completely. (5point)

This is how our points work>

1 point is = to 0.10 cent (¢)
To earn one dollar you need to have 100 points
The more points you have the more cash you get.

When and how do we pay?

We pay on the 28th – – 30th of every month, disregarding when you request your withdrawal, we process all withdrawals on the 28th of the month, and withdrawals may be rolled over to the next month if you place a withdrawal after the 30th of the month.

We pay through Bank wire to local accounts for Nigerians and other African countries, and international members’ funds will be processed through PayPal or payoneer. Kindly be informed that due to PayPal and Payoneer limitations, funds will be processed from the 1st to – 5th of the following month.

To unlock the rewards mentioned above, it’s essential to follow our forum guidelines. We enforce strict measures, including the suspension and termination of accounts, for any violations of our community guidelines. As long as you maintain adherence to our quality standards, you can earn substantial rewards on our site without encountering any issues.

Our doctrine

We want to connect the people who have knowledge to the people who need it, to bring together people with different perspectives so they can understand each other better, and to empower everyone to share their knowledge.

We are a platform that pays you for contributing your opinion or knowledge and helping other people solve their challenges in real time.

Also, on our platform set aside from us paying you for your contributed question slash answer, we also have a reward token for some of our users that meet up to the following

We have a reward program for the most active users of the month.
We have rewards for the best comments on our blog post section.
We have a reward for the most followed user of the year


100 points or 200 points rewards.
2years domain and hosting package from Go-daddy.
Premium Ahref account to Boost your SEO.
2 Premium backlinks from DA 60-90 and above website.
1-million-naira cash prize (Most followed users only)

All these are not one reward this is segmented, when rewarded you will have to choose one among the rewards which one you want.

Some Frequent asked Question are”

 How do i see my point in cash?

Head over to the withdrawal tab from your edit profile section and you will all your points and it equivalence in cash (USD) kindly note that the minimum withdrawal is 10 USD.

How do I see my points?

Head over to your profile page section, all points you have accumulated will be displayed at left sidebar.

How do I link my account information?

Head over to financial settings from your edit profile section, you will be able to choose your preferred payment options and link it to your account. Kindly note that the account information provided must match with your name as provided in your discuss information.

If you have any other questions, ask the admin directly from the forum, go to the admin profile page and send a direct message to the admin, it takes 1hr or more for an admin to reply to you, that may be the same for moderators or less depending on the moderators

It is very important that you read our forum guidelines Community GuIdelines

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