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Nkiru Malvis

How can someone explain digital marketing to a 12 year Old

So i came across this question on Quora and felt i needed to ask it in this forum, lets talk about this, How do you explain Digital marketing to a 12 year old, like a child you want to embrace digital marketing and start a career in a specific niche in marketing.

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2 Answers

  1. Adeniyi Pilot
    Beginner Digital marketing, Expert, SEO professional

    In details this is how i will breakdown digital marketing meaning for my son,

    Son: What is digital marketing dad?

    Me: Digital marketing is like when companies use the internet to tell people about their stuff. You know those ads you see on websites, social media, or even YouTube? That’s part of it! It’s like putting up paper posters online instead of on street corners. They do it to let people know about cool things they have, like games, toys, or even helpful tips. It’s like when you share something awesome with your friends, but companies do it online to reach more people

  2. Boys can be smart to understand digital marketing, i have a 9year boy that knows the difference between 100 Naira and 1,000 Naira, i usually give him 100 Naira for offering until one day he told me he used 50 naira to buy something and use 50 naira for offering and i smiled instead of me to beat him i just scold him and then i thought him how to save 50 naira and keep 50 naira, the most fascinating thing about this whole scenario is that from his 50 savings was were he bought schoolbag from to me teaching a child how to spend and manage money is the first start of digital marketing journey for a child of 9 – 12 years if not teaching them too much will affect there journey.